Check In Survey

Simple Surveys to Improve Customer Service

Surveys are everywhere!

So many surveys that people are tired of them because they take too long and waste time.

If you want someone to answer a survey, make simple and fast!

Survey Kiosk App

Survey Kiosk is Simple and Fast!

Survey Kiosk is a free app available on the Apple AppStore. The app allows you to create three questions to ask your customers and gather simple survey data.

Where is my data?

Your data is sent to a simple text file in the 'Files' app on the iPad. Each entry is date and time stamped along with the results of the survey. The data can then be sent to any reporting program for calculations and charts. The data is in a simple CSV format commonly used by any spreadsheet application.

Can I change the questions?

Yes! On the iPad, go to Settings. Scroll down the left side to the app named Survey Kiosk. On the right side, enter your questions.